About me

MeHey there I’m Amy and I thought I should provide some information for the people who want to know a little bit more about me. Well if you read me blog normally you must be fully aware of my personality and the types of problems I normally encounter. A lot of people don’t know this and don’t believe this except those who have known me for a long time but I was very shy when I was young. Everyone thinks that’s not possible but lol it is. I believe that’s why I was very worried initially and especially in high school about me hairy problems. I was always concerned I’m sure you all can understand that I needed to look good and be popular. But that’s very hard for a teenage girl when you’re as hairy as Chewbacca..lol.

I also played volleyball for high school and that just additional pressure I must say the guys have it lucky here. I use to use hair removal wax at first it use to work pretty good but always left red skin and had to be done every couple of days for me. This was very troublesome for me because I could not keep this up every couple of days and sometimes even every day. After my little fling with the wax I moved on to using a normal razor my friends used that and swore by it. I don’t know what they saw in this because this took much more time than using the wax and I had to do this a couple of days in as well. I actually thought that maybe there was something wrong with me and that I was too hairy.

Well now let’s fast forward to me finding my awesome epilator and using it to solve my problems I found I started advising others. It started with close friends who use to ask me for tips and my views regarding various other hair removal methods since I have done almost everything. So from helping friends I started to also help their friends and people they may know. This made me realize this is a big problem for women but you almost never hear about this it’s like kept secret.

So from helping and advising people I went to personally review various hair removal products and methods at request of others because they wanted my opinion on them. I like helping people but I also enjoy reviewing all the various methods and products that can be found out there. This then motivated me to make this blog so I can help as many people as possible and quite possibly run into more new and various products and I can share my knowledge on them.

So to all the reader please don’t be shy and ask me anything you would like and please if you have information about specific hair removal areas that I may not be familiar with or you believe I should share it with the whole community please I would love it if you would share it with me.

Thanks guys and happy reading!!!


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