What are the most common hair removal methods out there?

Hey everyone I hope your all doing good I get this question asked like all the time and have received emails asking me this as well. If you were to go ask a friend of yours this question at first they will say that’s so easy and there list will most likely go on something like this waxing,shaving,…..uhhh ehmmm thats it??? Most people think they know a lot about hair removal but they actually dont since they cant name more then a couple of options on average. This page will get updated over time as I write more details about the methods and add in more methods as I get time available. If your new and want to learn more about me and how I got into hair removal and what hair removal method I personally use you can read more about that here at the home page.

  1. Waxing

Women-Hair-Removal-WaxThis is possibly the most common hair removal method out there besides using a razor to shave the hair off. This is also seen as more of a more modern alternative to shaving with a razor. This method invovles normally heating up wax or taking already prepared wax and applying it on the hair removal spot. Then after a while you rip the wax off and wala like magic the hair is gone but most likely you will be left with tears in your eyes. This is very effective and hence why its widely used. I have used this alot when I was starting out with my hair problems but the only complain I have about it is that it does not remove the hair from its roots so they grow back after a couple of days or within a week and the hair growth process isn’t slowed down. This is very important for me since my hair grows back waaay too fast. And I personally recommed exfoliate the skin area after the wax session to get very smooth skin and remove any sort of redness.

2. Shaving

hair removal shavingThe most common hair removal method used by countless women around the world today. Simply get a razor and run across the hair and the hair is gone. Normally you should steam the area before and epilate after the hair has been removed. This ensures you get the smoothest of skin and reduces any chances of ingrown hair. And dont just go a run a razor you should use some sort of specialized lotion to reduce friction and ensure you dont get cuts.


This method is used by me personally and I can say solved a lot of problems I was facing in life. Most people are not familiar with epilators and those that are familiar are confused with old epilators which tore up your legs. As I was in the beginning I read some stores online and I was like this is not for me no waaay. Modern epilators are coming back in trend now this is due to new innovation which makes it much more effective as well as more painless. I personally belive the best way to get the smoothest legs is by using an epilator regularly yes even beating waxing and shaving by a mile. I bet you did not know that did you?


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